Bed Bug Free Moving Truck Fumigation

Once virtually eradicated in the United States, bed bugs are now becoming America’s pest nightmare. Because bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers, no place is immune to them — homes, apartments, offices and even five-star hotels. Bed Bugs hide in furniture, bedding, books, electronics, etc. and can be spread from one location to another during a move. For those individuals and families on the move between residences, BBFS offers a safe, clean, convenient, affordable and 100% effective fumigation solution for all of their personal belongings to insure that you are eliminating Bed Bugs during your move!

The BBFS Moving Truck Fumigation Program includes:

  • Fumigation Preparation / Moving Company Selection Guide
  • Secure Fumigation of your moving vehicle
  • Fumigation Certificate – to present to future property owners/managers/landlords
  • Complete Fumigation Log – records treatment company name, location, date/time, volume
  • Bed Bug FREE” Warranty – canine inspection of new residents required.

During a move is the perfect time to use Vikane® gas fumigant, as Containment Fumigation is proven to be 100% effective in a single treatment! Pest Control Professionals and their customers have relied on Vikane® gas fumigant for over 50 years to solve the toughest pest problems – drywood termites, wood-destroying organisms, bed bugs and more.

BBFS Moving Truck Fumigation Process

  • Client contacts BBFS at 877-9NO-ITCH (877-966-4824) to schedule fumigation services (date/time, type/size of truck, location of fumigation service, pricing)
  • Client receives BBFS contract for service, fumigation preparation guidelines and educational materials pre-treatment (via email)
  • Moving Company loads client’s personal items and belongings to be fumigated into company moving truck and brings them to secure  BBFS facility for overnight fumigation on the scheduled day of service (moving company will leave loaded truck overnight)
  • BBFS technician administers calculated amount of Vikane gas fumigant into truck for overnight hold at BBFS secure facilities
  • BBFS technician releases gas completely and safely from truck prior to return of moving company leaving no residual or smell behind
  • Moving Company returns to secure facility the following day to retrieve truck with 100% eliminated bed bug belongings

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Prior to fumigation service and required for BBFS warranty, BBFS recommends that all clients hire an independent certified K-9 Inspection company to insure that their “NEW” location is bed bug free. BBFS maintains a partner network and would be happy to provide several reputable K9 Inspection companies to consider.

BBFS recommends that clients work directly with their Realtor and licensed Pest Control Operator (PCO) to insure an Integrated Pest Management program is adopted at move-in. This insures a client’s overall pest management success and effectiveness, and ultimately a client’s highest satisfaction.

Not Moving Out!

7 steps to a Bed Bug FREE Environment

Step 1 – Cleaning and Removal of Clutter

Step 2 – Use of K9 Detection Services to Identify and Pinpoint Location(s) of Active Bed Bug Infestations

Step 3 – Preparing for Fumigation Treatment of Infested Personal Items/Removal of Items

Step 4 – Pest Control Operator Provides Residual Treatment(s) within a Structure/Unit

Step 5 – Fumigation of Infested Belongings with Vikane gas (Sulfuryl Fluoride) by BBFS in truck or container

Step 6 – Post Treatment K9 Inspection of home prior to return of fumigated belongings

Step 7 – Customer’s Fumigated Bed Bug Belongings are Returned to a Bed Bug FREE Environment!

For more information about the BBFS fumigation network partner program, complete the form below. A BBFS Fumigation Specialist will be in contact to answer all questions schedule your services.

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