Moving Truck Fumigation NYC

Bed bugs have become America’s pest nightmare, especially here in the five boroughs of New York City. They are the ultimate hitchhikers, no place is immune from them — homes, apartments, offices space, hospitals, assisted living facilities, movie theaters and even five-star hotels. Bed Bugs hide in furniture, mattresses, box springs, bedding, clothing, fine art, musical instruments, books, electronics, computers, photo albums, jewelry boxes, office files, recliners, vinyl records, etc. and can spread from one location to another during a move. For individuals, families, students on the move between residences and who do not wish to take bed bugs with them, BBFS offers a safe, clean, odorless, convenient, affordable and 100% effective Vikane fumigation service solution. ALL furniture, clothing, electronics, priceless artwork, musical instruments, vinyl records, children’s toys, pet’s toys, photo albums, cuckoo clocks, computers, even 15th century tapestries can all be safely fumigated with Vikane gas in ONE SINGLE OVERNIGHT service to insure that any Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Eggs are eliminated before moving into a new home or apartment!

 Moving Truck Fumigation Program includes:
  • Secure Fumigation of your moving companies vehicle
  • Certificate of Fumigation – to present to future property owners/managers/landlords.
  • Fumigation Service Log – records treatment location, dosage, date/time.
  • One Year Bed Bug FREE” Warranty – certified K9 inspection of new residents required.
  • “Life Time Warranty” – just in case you get the itch years down the road.
  • “Save Family and Friends” – referral program.

During a move is the perfect time for Vikane® gas fumigant service. Containment Fumigation is proven to be 100% effective in a single treatment! Pest Control Professionals and their customers have relied on Vikane® gas fumigant for over 50 years to solve the toughest pest problems – drywood termites, clothes moths, carpet beetles, wood-destroying organisms, bed bugs and more.

Moving Truck Fumigation Process

  • Client contact BBFS at 877-9NO-ITCH (877-966-4824) to obtain Moving Companies partner list and schedule fumigation services (date/time, size of truck, location of fumigation service, pricing)
  • Client contact and chooses one of BBFS provided Moving Company partners.
  • Client receives BBFS fumigation service contract, packing preparation guidelines, and Vikane label.
  • Moving Company loads client’s personal property into company moving truck delivering truck to secure BBFS facility for overnight fumigation service on scheduled day of service.
  • BBFS technician administers and seals calculated amount of Vikane gas fumigant into truck for overnight hold at BBFS secure facilities.
  • BBFS technician following morning release gas completely and safely from truck prior to return of moving company.
  • Moving Company returns following morning piking up truck and move client into new home bed bug free!
  • NOTE: Belonging are fumigated inside moving company truck, van or vehicle during fumigation process. Items are NOT removed from truck, van or vehicle! Vikane gas is an inert gas that will not bond, blend or stick to movers truck or content. It does not smell, stain, or tarnish. It will not leave any residual or byproduct on the fumigated contents. There is no need for cleaning of items after fumigation service.

One Year Bed Bug FREE” Warranty

Prior to fumigation service and required for BBFS warranty, BBFS recommends that all clients hire an independent certified K-9 Inspection company to inspect and insure that their “NEW” home is bed bug free prior to moving in. BBFS maintains a partner network and would be happy to provide several reputable K9 Inspection companies to consider.

For more information complete the contact form below. A BBFS Fumigation Specialist will be in contact to answer all questions.

Call 877-966-4824.

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