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Bed Bug Free Truck Fumigation Service

BBFS “Bed Bug Free Truck Fumigation Service is the best treatment for individuals, families, college students, assisted care providers, who are planning a “DIY” move from a bed bug infested NIGHTMARE and ABSOLUTELY do not want to take bed bugs with them to their new home, mom and dad’s home or assisted living. For those Do It Yourself movers renting and loading a truck, van or car, BBFS offers a convenient, clean, affordable and 100% effective overnight Vikane fumigation service solution for ALL of their worldly belongings.

Pest management professionals and their customers have relied on Vikane for over 50 years to eliminate many types of insects — drywood termites, wood-destroying beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches and more. Vikane has been used to successfully eliminate pests in more than 3 million structures, including all types of residences, science and art museums, health care facilities, university research buildings, historic structures, schools and hotels.

Rental Van/ Truck Fumigation Service program

  • VIKANE fumigation – #1 bed bug eliminator in the pest control industry.
  • Fumigation Packing Preparation Guide – all the do’s and don’t of self packing.
  • 877-966-4824 call service – to answer any and all questions.
  • What can be fumigated –  everything you own with a few exception.
  • Certificate of Fumigation – to present to future property owners/managers/landlords.
  • Fumigation Service Log – records treatment location, dosage, date/time.
  • One Year Bed Bug FREE” Warranty – K9 inspection of new residents required.
  • “Life Time Warranty” – just in case you get the itch years down the road.
  • “Save Family and Friends” – referral program.

Vikane gas is 100% effective and safe in elimination of all bed bugs and bed bug eggs! BBFS will fumigate any truck, car, suv, van, sleeper rig, taxi, uber car, bus, RV, boat and any other vehicle contaminated with bed bugs!

Rental Van/ Truck Fumigation Process

  •  Client contact any of the major truck rental companies to book a rental for the date of their move. (BBFS is not a truck rental company)
  •  Client contacts BBFS at 877-9NO-ITCH (877-966-4824) to schedules fumigation service of their loaded rental. (date/time, size of truck, location of fumigation service, pricing)
  • Client receives BBFS fumigation service contract, packing preparation guidelines, truck preparation guidelines and Vikane label. (via email)
  • Client loads personal belongings into their rented truck and delivers truck to one of secure BBFS fumigation facilities on scheduled date of service.
  • Client delivers truck to secure fumigation facility for overnight Vikane gas fumigation service by certified BBFS fumigator. (Vehicle is locked and secured overnight with onsite surveillance.)
  • Client returns to BBFS facility following morning to pick up truck and move to new home bed bug free! (Client’s truck/property is completely and safely cleared of all gas prior to pick up)
  • NOTE: Belonging are fumigated inside client’s truck, van or vehicle during fumigation process. Items are NOT removed from truck, van or vehicle! Vikane gas is an inert gas that will not bond, blend or stick to rental truck or content. It does not smell, stain, or tarnish. It will not leave any residual or byproduct on the fumigated contents. There is no need for cleaning of items after fumigation service.


One Year Bed Bug FREE” Warranty

Prior to fumigation service and required for BBFS warranty, BBFS recommends that all clients hire an independent certified K-9 Inspection company to insure their “NEW” home is bed bug free. BBFS maintains a partner network and would be happy to provide several reputable K9 Inspection companies to consider.

For more information about the BBFS “Bed Bug Free Rental Truck Fumigation Service” program, complete the form below. A BBFS Fumigation Specialist will be in contact to answer all of your question and schedule your service. Or call 877-966-4824.

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