Bed Bug FREE moving

Once virtually eradicated in the United States, bed bugs are now becoming America’s pest nightmare. Because bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers, no place is immune to them — homes, apartments, even five-star hotels. Bed Bugs hide in furniture, bedding, books, electronics, etc. and can be spread from one location to another during a move.

Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists (BBFS) works directly with both moving companies and rental truck companies to provide convenient, affordable and effective fumigation services for their client’s personal belongings. Bed bugs can be eliminated from sofas, box springs, mattresses, electronics, artwork and other furniture. A single treatment of Vikane® gas fumigant, when used according to label directions, eliminates all of the pests.

Your clients can have peace of mind that they’re bringing their belongings to their new home bed bug FREE. You can have peace mind knowing that offering fumigation service thru BBFS can limit your liability for cross-infestation from customer to customer.

How Containerized Fumigation works:

Moving Company Process

    1. Client hires moving company to organize/move their personal items and brings them back to secure facility for fumigation services
    2. A certified BBFS fumigation technician will administer the Vikane fumigant onsite at the secure facility overnight
    3. Moving Company delivers the personal items and belongings back to client guaranteed 100% bed bug FREE!

Rental Truck Process

    1. Client contacts BBFS to schedule fumigation services (date/time, type/size of truck, location of fumigation service, pricing, etc.)
    2. Client receives BBFS fumigation preparation guidelines, recommended shopping list and educational materials pre-treatment
    3. Client loads personal items and belongings to be fumigated into rental truck and brings them to secure BBFS facility prior to 5pm
    4. A certified BBFS fumigation technician will administer the Vikane fumigant onsite at the secure facility overnight
    5. Client returns to secure BBFS facility after 9am next day to retrieve truck and 100% bed bug FREE belongings, return to residence/offices and replace

During a move is the perfect time to use Vikane® gas fumigant as Containerized Fumigation is proven to be 100% effective in a single treatment! Pest Control Professionals and their customers have relied on Vikane® gas fumigant for over 50 years to solve the toughest pest problems – drywood termites, wood-destroying organisms, bed bugs and more – your moving/rental truck company and its clients can do the same conveniently and affordably with BBFS!

Find out more about how using Vikane® gas fumigant can prevent bed bugs during your moves, contact Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists at 877-9NO-ITCH or click here to email us directly.


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