What our Customers Say…

Along with the recent increases in bed bug populations globally, there have also been an increase in ineffective, unprofessional and down-right shady companies selling bed bug “snake oil.” BBFS is NOT one of THOSE companies. But don’t take our word for it, feel free to listen to our satisfied customers below.

If you are a previous BBFS customer, we’d love to hear from you and share your experience (positive and negative alike : no one is perfect, but BBFS LEARNS from its mistakes and we need you to tell us when they happen!) with others looking for help here on the BBFS website. If you are considering our services, and have some questions, we ask that you head to the Contact Us page and pose your questions, comments or concerns there for us to directly address! Thanks!

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Wow is all I can say.

After dealing with BBs for almost a year, we decided we had two options: throw out all of our things and buy all new things, or fumigate with Vikane gas.  After doing research on Vikane and the two companies that perform the fumigation in NY, we decided on BBFS.  I called and spoke directly with Andy.  He not only told us what to do (how to pack, what could be fumigated, etc) but he gave us several options for movers (++ choose your own!) and a K9 inspection team.

Leading up to the fumigation, Andy was available for my paranoid questions (ha) minor freak outs (haha) and random emails (I really hate these bugs).  Although I never met him in person, he was friendly, efficient on the phone and accessible.

Granted, we are early to determine if this was a full on victory – however – there is a 90 day guarantee that if we have bugs again, we will be refumigated for free. (Since we got the K9 inspection…SO WORTH THE PIECE OF MIND!)  Andy’s knowledge, calming personality/demeanor and excellent customer service helped us through an extremely stressful time.

As the other poster mentioned…the paranoia is starting to go away, very slowly.  I really hope I never have to talk to Andy again-but if you need fumigation and want to deal with professionals all the way, BBFS is the way to go.

Jen, Brooklyn, NY


The bed bug industry is crawling with thieves but Andy is an honest, helpful and responsive guy. Look no further – this is the place to go if you have the evil creatures. He makes them go “bye-bye”.

 Jodi R., Manhattan, NY
Efficient, patient, and thorough. Andy is the best. Best. He takes the time to explain everything and give incredible customer service. Highly recommend!
Ali G., New York, NY
Do yourself a favor- call bed bug fumigators and they will take care of you and get rid of your bugs. He returned every phone call and email knowing that we were very worried and couldn’t sleep.

We had bed bugs and Andy and his team fumigated all of our old furniture and records while we had our apartment heat treated. He connected us to great movers and everything was taken care of. Thank you BBFS!

Barbara F., New York, NY/ Nashville, TN
Look no further.

This is the only sure, one stop shop to get rid of all the bedbugs+eggs in all your clothes, furniture, mattress and electronics overnight. Literally.

I have used Andy ‘s services twice now and it has been a godsend. The first was about three years ago when I was leaving an infestation apartment. Management wouldn’t do anything so I call Andy and loaded everything into the truck. Drop it off and the next day everything is killed. The eggs, everything. It is very satisfying unpacking and finding dead bugs.

Then a few months ago I found myself in the same situation and I immediately called Andy. He is attentive, compassionate and readily available to answer any and all questions.

This is the only way to KNOW everything is taken care of.


William P., Brooklyn, NY

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