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If you are a previous BBFS customer, we’d love to hear from you and share your experience with others looking for help here on the BBFS website. If you are considering our services, and have some questions, we ask that you head to the Contact Us page and pose your questions, comments or concerns there for us to directly address! Thanks!


We had a great experience with Bed bug Fumigation Specialists and  IPS NYC Movers! We used them for an out of state move (with many walk up flights of stairs…) and to prepare all of our belongings for fumigation by BBFS who recommended IPS. They were very helpful from the moment I asked for a quote all the way to the end. Luis, who managed the process for us was responsive and transparent about how to make the process as easy as possible for us. He was also transparent about pricing – they don’t do flat rate moving but hourly. We followed his instructions on organizing things and giving him as accurate of an inventory as we could to make sure everything went seamlessly and it did. All the furniture was fully wrapped in moving blankets and nothing was broken, scratched or lost during the move. They are also a very pleasant and professional team in general which definitely makes this stressful process much more pleasant. Ralph, one of the movers, was really funny and brought some much needed humor to our move day which really helped my stress levels. This company was not the cheapest quote I got but they made such a great impression that I decided to go with them anyways and it was worth every penny! Thank you Luis, Ralph, Hector, Louie G., Justice and Jose – it’s hard to hand over everything you own to strangers and I am so grateful you took great care of our belongings 🙂

Laetita Y., Brooklyn, NY


This company was the only bright spot in our bed bug war. Andy called me right back on a Saturday to patiently talk me through the whole process and educate me on many aspects outside of his service.
Andy was great about answering every question. I feel very confident this was the way to go to make sure the bed bugs were gone.

Anne G., Highland Lakes, NJ – yelp.com


Andy is a lifesaver! Bed bugs are the worst, and they totally mess with you mentally. Andy is the opposite – he’s so calm and helpful and managed to put me at ease during the whole process. He also goes above and beyond — when I wasn’t sure what to do with my son’s crib mattress, Andy checked out the exact product online to be 100% sure about how we should handle it. He’s thorough and always followed up quickly. I can’t thank him enough for giving my family peace of mind and assuring us that we are bed bug free.

Jacki G., New York, NY – yelp.com


My wife and I have been suffering from Bed Bugs for a couple of years. we are clean people (as everyone here is) but the bugs have found their way in. To make matters worse, my wife is very allergic to these bad boys and would swell up like a balloon every time she got bit. It was pretty nasty.

Well, thankfully I found Andy and he was helpful at explaining the process and helping us eliminate these bastards. So far, we have been bed bug free. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Kobe A., Manhattan, NY – yelp.com


After finding several bedbugs in one of the rooms, our entire apartment (4BR, 2BA) elected to use Andy’s services as we were moving out in a few weeks and our management was slow to respond. I spoke with him directly several times about the process and he was very reassuring and patient, giving detailed answers on how to pack certain items. BBFS was very easy to work with and readily available for updates and questions. BBFS and Andy make the nightmare of dealing with bedbugs as smooth a process as it can be. I hope to never need their services again, but if I do, I would not hesitate to hire them.

Hailey C., New York, NY – yelp.com


I recently moved out of an old apartment building that was infested with bed bugs and used BBFS to gas our belongings. I was so nervous about the whole process, but Andy and Patrick could not have been more helpful. Andy answered every single crazy question I had about the packing process and which items were safe to keep during the move. He was extremely reassuring and made me feel more comfortable about using the gas itself. They recommended a few moving companies that they had worked with before, I used Pat’s Moving and Storage, which made the process so easy. I could not be happier now that I know I am bed bug free and would recommend this company to anyone dealing with this issue.

Heather B., Manhattan, New York, NY – yelp.com


I had never used movers before Pat’s, and in NYC I won’t use anyone else. I had a complicated two part move since I was getting our belongings gassed because of a history with bed bugs in our old building. I was so nervous about the process and Pat answered all of my particular questions and stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process. He and his team loaded everything onto the van so efficiently, showed us the van before they closed the doors to make sure we were happy with the way everything was packed, and took extra care with the items we were most worried about. He took away all of the stress and anxiety I had about our move and delivered everything perfectly!

Heather B., Manhattan, New York, NY – yelp.com


We used BBFS fumigation service the first time after spotting a bed bug.  We used their movers and truck. Worth every penny! The second time we used their service was for precaution moving out or a storage facility that was suspect as a bed bug sight. We couldn’t risk it so packing our own uHaul and driving to the BBFS parking lot we left our van over night to be fumigated.

The upsetting endless uncertainty and work that bedbugs or or even a scare causes having a real solution is such a relief!
We are extremely happy with their VERY patient customer service during a stressful time and the final outcome of no reoccurring bedbugs 3 months later!!

Cyndi W., New York, NY – yelp.com
Ok so I was very skeptical of if this would work and I haven’t written this review for maybe a year and a half just to be sure. I honestly had like ptsd for a long time after because my situation was so bad. It cost me like 2k all in on moving everything fumigation and then delivery so that was a little bit to think about. But all in it was totally worth every penny.. I couldn’t sleep at night before and now after a year and a half I couldn’t be happier. Honestly that’s the best purchase I ever made to sleep safe at night and enjoy my new apartment. Also by the way Andy is the nicest guy just call him and talk to him he will assure you everything is ok. I didn’t really trust it at first because you know all the things that can happen in nyc but man I’m so happy I did! Sorry I didn’t do this review earlier Andy I just had to be 100% they were gone but I thank you for all the time you spent you and your team.  Thank you for giving me sleep again!
Matt T., New York, NY – yelp.com
Pat and his team helped me move at the beginning of April and I highly recommend them. I had a three part move as the moving truck was being fumigated by BBFS and they made the whole process very easy. Pat made himself available prior to my move to answer any questions I had. The team came on time and were very efficient. I’ve moved a few times in NYC and this was by far the best experience I’ve had with a moving company.
Laura M., New York, NY – yelp.com


This is the story of how Patrick (and BBFS) saved my life.
…Well, at least my sanity.

My newly (and flimsily) renovated apartment was, unbeknownst to me, on top of hoarders. Hoarders with bedbugs. When their apartment received a “Partial Vacate” from the NYC Commissioner, those hoarders were temporarily evacuated.

Guess where the bedbugs went?

That’s right. It was like a horror movie. Bedbugs started coming in through the holes punched in the floor and drywall for the sinks/radiators. (Never sealed up again. Thanks, cheap renovation company.) In one week, we went from *no bedbugs* to finding them in *three different rooms in the house*. My two housemates and I started losing our minds. How do you treat an entire apartment?!? Obviously we had to move. It was like the end of Poltergeist.

My second housemate and I each chose BBFS without knowing the other had chosen them, because the reviews were so positive – I had it done on Tuesday, she’s having it done tomorrow – and I’m glad I chose them.

They send you pictures of the job in progress, give you documentation every step along the way, and give you a certificate of treatment in case you need to present it to your new landlord.

More things:
They’re very responsive; answer any question thoroughly by email or phone; explain exactly when your credit card will be charged. Patient, friendly, communicative. And they have a really good one-year warrantee as part of the service, so you know they’re invested in making sure the process is effective. No bait-and-switch.

Their service is a good one, worth the money (in the $700-1000 range), and they don’t have to resort to trickery, intimidation, or hard sales techniques the way some other companies do. My things are safely resting in a storage facility now, and I’m sleeping through the night once more.

Anna L., Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com


I have had bed bugs for 4 months and after going through multiple exterminators I finally decided to pack my stuff and get out and have Patrick fumigate my moving truck, which so far seems to have done the job… I hope.

Patrick is super personable and answered any question I had! Really happy with the service.

Hannah P., San Francisco, CA/ NYC, NY – yelp.com


After a year of dealing with these spawns of Satan, I finally gathered all my belongings in a UHaul and let Patrick work his magic. I haven’t had any issues since then, and it’s been about 6 weeks. My new apartment feels like heaven, and the peace of mind was worth every penny. Also, as an artist it seems like the best way to treat drawings and paintings without damaging theme putting them in eternal storage.

Again, method was effective, and Patrick was great to work with. Highly recommend.

Mackenzie S., Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com


I don’t normally write reviews but after all of my moving/renovation work the past few months I have decided to and there’s no more deserving company than Pat’s!

If I could only use two words to describe this company, I would say efficient and professional. They asked for photos of my furniture and boxes so they could properly size the moving truck (no other movers have ever asked for this) and all of their questions were thoughtful and with purpose. The day of my move, they called with their ETA and arrived right on time and I was impressed how rapid and careful the entire team was. They also worked seamlessly with BBFS the fumigation company I hired (I had spotted bed bugs in my old apartment, which was just as awful as you imagine) so they actually took all my items to the other company for processing before delivering them on time the next day. They really made a bad situation so much better and removed a lot of my stress because I could tell I was in good hands (plus they were so kind and nonjudgmental about my situation).

All of my furniture arrived in perfect condition and I cannot recommend Pat’s company and team enough!!

Elizabeth E., Manhattan, NY – yelp.com


If you are reading this it is because you are likely going through a very stressful time and have a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to your bedbug trauma.
Fear not….Andy and his site manager Patrick could not have been nicer or more professional.
Andy returned calls in a timely fashion and was patient and not rushed in answering all our questions. When the time came to fumigate Patrick was in touch with texts and pictures of the process.
We used BBFS to fumigate our daughter’s apartment contents upon her move. Her apartment had been treated a few months before the move for a “mild” case of bedbugs according to the landlord and his pest control company however we had little confidence that the problem was eradicated and wanted to make sure not to take the critters to her next apartment. So far so good without any signs of bugs in the new apartment.

I would not hesitate to use them again!!!

Susan J., Trenton, NJ – yelp.com


I can’t even begin to describe what a life savor Andy has been. After fighting bed bugs relentlessly for 8 months, 8 house fumigation, throwing away furniture and consulting with numerous professional, my husband and I were truly at a loss. We just didn’t know what to do. We are both extremely allergic to bedbug bites. We knew we had to move but were terrified we would contaminate our new apt. When I found Andy through yelp he was the light at the end of the tunnel. When I first talked to him on the phone he was so understanding and caring of our bleak situation. He gave me a detailed explanation of the process and assured me we would be able to move into our new apt and have a fresh start. We followed his instructions step by step , packed all our belongings into a uhaul and left the truck at his facility overnight. Everything was easy and exactly according to the instructions Andy emailed us. The next day we came to pick it up after it had been fumigated without leaving a smell or residue (after inhaling so much poison from the constant fumigations in our old apt it was a relief!) After months of battling these horrible creatures we were able to have our lives back thanks to Andy. I am truly grateful!

Michelle G., Greenpoint,Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com


Andy is extremely knowledgeable and was a real help with a fumigation issue we had. He was very responsive and had great advice. I’d recommend Andy for any and all fumigation issues.

David ORourke O., Manhattan, NY – yelp.com


This review is coming a bit late, as I was pretty busy with my move. I have to say though – if i could give 10 stars I would. Andy is an angel. He walked me through everything and answered all my questions calmly and professionally (and so nicely!!!).
When my movers backed out because of the bugs, I freaked out to him and he gave me a list of moving companies they’ve worked with in the past. I picked one and the price, the customer service, really the entire experience couldn’t have gone smoother or been easier. Seriously. I can’t stress enough how amazing BBFS was. Now, 2 weeks out of my move with no sign of any bugs, I know that vikane with BBFS was the way to go! Plus they have a guarantee for a YEAR. So, I mean, come on.
Bed bugs are a nightmare, and BBFS is the remedy. 10 million stars for BBFS. For real.

Erica L., Manhattan, NY – yelp.com


Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists is quite simply the best in the business! After a failed heat treatment with another company left me feeling hopeless, I was fortunate enough to call BBFS. With Andy’s help and a successful fumigation I am now bed bug free! First of all the customer service that this company provides goes above and beyond. At this point in my bed bug nightmare I was a depressed, neurotic mess – I called way too many times, kept asking the same questions albeit worded slightly differently, and yeah I even broke down in tears. None of that deterred Andy. He personally answered every call, patiently listened to every question (sometimes more than once),and was detailed and thorough when explaining the fumigation process. He assured me that the fumigation would work for me and kept my (fragile) sanity in check. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and most importantly helped me get rid of the bugs. Also the cost of fumigation treatment is surprisingly affordable compared to other options. There are no words that can adequately express my gratitude for how Andy helped me and my family. Thank you Andy, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

Maggie M., Carmel, IN – yelp.com


All I have to say is Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists is THANK YOU!!!

Bed Bugs were eating me and my family alive in our apartment in Brooklyn.We decided to move to a new home so all we did was rent a Uhaul, load all of our belongings inside, and take it to a BBFS location. They fumigated the entire truck overnight, and I picked it up first thing the next morning. When I got to our new home and unloaded the truck, all the bugs were dead. We have been in our new home for 3 months and we have not seen a trace of any of these pest.

God forbid I was to have this horrible issue again, I would not even think about using any another company.

Quentin S., Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com


Hi hi — we had to deal w/ a few bed bugs. I had the chance to find Andy Rafferty who was super helpful and reassuring. Andy went way out of this way to help us. He provided us w/ a few references of (also) helpful guys to move all our stuff in a rental truck — truck being fumigated — and a safe lot where I could park the rental truck while our house was treated over a week span.
Andy was much available (early in the am — late in the evening), responding quickly to texts, emails and voice messages. The fumigation of our house belongings (plus the rental of the truck, the 2 moves and the parking of the truck) was for us cost effective compared to any other in-situ methods I reviewed — we have a large house w/ a number of kids.
All in all, I strongly recommend Andy Rafferty from Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists. And the guy is super nice!

Pierre-Yves G., Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com


The bed bug industry is crawling with thieves but Andy is an honest, helpful and responsive guy. Look no further – this is the place to go if you have the evil creatures. He makes them go “bye-bye”.

 Jodi R., Manhattan, NY
Efficient, patient, and thorough. Andy is the best. Best. He takes the time to explain everything and give incredible customer service. Highly recommend!
Ali G., New York, NY

Do yourself a favor- call bed bug fumigators and they will take care of you and get rid of your bugs. He returned every phone call and email knowing that we were very worried and couldn’t sleep.

We had bed bugs and Andy and his team fumigated all of our old furniture and records while we had our apartment heat treated. He connected us to great movers and everything was taken care of. Thank you BBFS!

Barbara F., New York, NY/ Nashville, TN

I highly recommend Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists. The Vikane gas treatment has been successful in ridding our possessions of bed bugs. We treated my vehicle as well to be 100% certain we would not reintroduce any bugs to our new surroundings.

Thank you Andy for your professionalism, fair pricing, empathy and understanding. Andy was informative and patient in answering questions and gave simple, explicit instructions in how to prepare for the treatment.

In all my years of traveling around the country I never imagined I would know first hand what a bed bug was- the saying ‘sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite’ did not relate, and meant nothing at all- until we discovered bed bugs in our temporary apartment. Unfortunately we were affected by others’ living habits and whatever they exposed themselves to. Bed bugs traveled within the walls of the century old home we we renting a section of.

I consider myself quite the researcher, investing hours reading articles and attempting methods to recommended by trusted organizations such as the CDC and University publications, yet no method killed all the stages of life successfully or at once. Since it was a multifamily rental home, fumigating the entire house was out of the question, and we had no control over what others did to rid themselves of the problem- we kept getting re-infested and despite our efforts eventually the bugs reappeared to our horror. I am convinced that the Vikane gas treatment is the only method guaranteed to kill all stages of bed bug life by quarantining objects and applying the gas which removes oxygen from the air for a set period of time. We tried many methods simultaneously including vacuuming, Demetrius earth, hundreds of dollars of dry cleaning, washing and drying clothes for an hour on hot heat, leaving objects in the hot trunk of cars for weeks hoping to heat/dry unseen eggs, and even placing objects sealed in space bags in the freezer for a month.

The only way out was to remove ourselves from this living situation and move to a new home, and no way would we transfer this problem elsewhere!! Finally I found articles about Vikane gas which led me to Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists. Andy and his associates in NYC were responsive, flexible with our schedule, very helpful with information and made it super easy to get the job done, and done right!! Thanks a million! Now we can stop worrying and get on with our lives!! 🙂

BBFS website articles remind us how to prevent re-infestation in the future. Everyone should be so educated to help stop this epidemic.

Karen T., Bridgeport, CT – yelp.com


Look no further.

This is the only sure, one stop shop to get rid of all the bedbugs+eggs in all your clothes, furniture, mattress and electronics overnight. Literally.

I have used Andy ‘s services twice now and it has been a godsend. The first was about three years ago when I was leaving an infestation apartment. Management wouldn’t do anything so I call Andy and loaded everything into the truck. Drop it off and the next day everything is killed. The eggs, everything. It is very satisfying unpacking and finding dead bugs.

Then a few months ago I found myself in the same situation and I immediately called Andy. He is attentive, compassionate and readily available to answer any and all questions.

This is the only way to KNOW everything is taken care of.


William P., Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com
Used the New York facility (Brooklyn) to have our SUV cleared of bedbugs. Helpful hint: never lend your car to a friend who’s moving from one apartment to the other. The SUV was totally infested. One night at Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists and problem solved. We vacuumed up plenty of dead critters. Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists made this easy to do and it has been 100% effective. I would also recommend having your movers bring their loaded truck to Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists to have it de-bugged so you don’t bring along any unwanted guests to your new home. Big thumbs up to friendly and helpful people there.

Lee L., Monroe Township, NJ – yelp.com


These guys are terrific – they made it an easy and painless process, and were always super helpful – always there for us fast with an answer and accommodating to our needs, as well as our crazy schedule.

Highly recommend BBFS – they even have a sense of humor, which just took all the stress out of it for us.

Paradise F., Manhattan, NY – yelp.com


Andy is a complete professional. We used this service last year in between moves from Queens to the Bronx. He walked us through the entire process. Not only was he incredibly informative and polite, but the job was performed to our complete satisfaction. We saw one last critter after all was said and done and it was dead as a door-nail. I would strongly recommend this company, as I have learned that Vikane gas is the only surefire way to eradicate a bedbug problem. Bedbugs resist a lot of the other chemicals available on the market. If I ever have another bug problem (which I hope is never!), I would certainly call these guys back. Good luck!

Emil T., Bronx, NY – yelp.com

BBFS is absolutely amazing. Andy never hesitated to answer questions when I called him several times in the days leading up to, during, and after the move. BBFS is professional and even helped me out with a box of art we forgot to load in the truck, having it fumigated at a later date. Do not hesitate to use this company!

Jesse G., ASTORIA, NY – yelp.com


Wow is all I can say.

After dealing with BBs for almost a year, we decided we had two options: throw out all of our things and buy all new things, or fumigate with Vikane gas.  After doing research on Vikane and the two companies that perform the fumigation in NY, we decided on BBFS.  I called and spoke directly with Andy.  He not only told us what to do (how to pack, what could be fumigated, etc) but he gave us several options for movers (++ choose your own!) and a K9 inspection team.

Leading up to the fumigation, Andy was available for my paranoid questions (ha) minor freak outs (haha) and random emails (I really hate these bugs).  Although I never met him in person, he was friendly, efficient on the phone and accessible.

Granted, we are early to determine if this was a full on victory – however – there is a 90 day guarantee that if we have bugs again, we will be refumigated for free. (Since we got the K9 inspection…SO WORTH THE PIECE OF MIND!)  Andy’s knowledge, calming personality/demeanor and excellent customer service helped us through an extremely stressful time.

As the other poster mentioned…the paranoia is starting to go away, very slowly.  I really hope I never have to talk to Andy again-but if you need fumigation and want to deal with professionals all the way, BBFS is the way to go.

Jen, Brooklyn, NY – yelp.com


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