Bed Bug Home Fumigation Service NYC

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When considering Structural Fumigation, choose BBFS and Vikane gas fumigant to be 100% effective against all bed bugs. Sleep Tight with BBFS!

Once virtually eradicated in the United States, bed bugs are now becoming America’s pest nightmare. Because bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers — NO place is immune to them — homes, apartments, offices and even five-star hotels. Bed bugs hide in furniture, bedding, books, electronics, etc. and can be spread from one location to another with the greatest of ease.

Structural Fumigation using Vikane gas fumigant is proven 100% effective in a single treatment with minimal preparation by the home owner !

Pest Control Professionals and their customers have relied on Vikane gas fumigant for over 50 years to solve the toughest pest problems – drywood termites, bed bugs and bed bug eggs, clothes moths, wood-destroying organisms, and more!

BBFS Structural Fumigation Service Process

  • Client contacts BBFS at 877-9NO-ITCH (877-966-4824) to inquire about structural fumigation services.
  • BBFS schedules a time for on-site inspection of subject property to measure and identify any areas of concern for successful fumigation.
  • Client and BBFS coordinate and execute Service Contract for Structural Fumigation.
  • Client receives fumigation service preparation guidelines and Vikane label.
  • Vikane fumigation service of the client’s location is preformed (Fumigation process time may vary due to type of target pest, structure size, weather conditions)
  • Client returns to a 100% bed bug FREE property

For more information about BBFS Structural Fumigation Service, complete the following contact information.

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