IBBMP Action Plan

IBBMP Action Plan


  • Identification
  • K9 / Monitors
  • Inspection
  • Visual > Technology  > K9
  • Performed by Independent Certified K9 and/or PCO/Property Owner/Manager
  • Monitoring/Traps
  • Education/Planning > develop BBFS IBBMP plan
  • Conceptual agreement from all involved: PCO/Property Owner/Manager

Integrated Bed Bug Management Plan: (IBBMP)

  • Location Preparation
  • Physical Removal of possessions, furniture, bedding, electronics, artwork, musical instruments, children’s items, etc. (Moving Company or Client)
  • Non-Chemical Treatment(s) (Pest Control Operator)

    • Dry Vapor Steam – target areas of concern identified during inspection
    • Vacuum – target areas of concern, common bed bug harborages, furniture
    • Heat Treatment
  • Chemical Treatment(s) (Pest Control Operator)

    • traditional spray/dust treatment options agreed upon by PCO/Property Owner/Manager
  • Fumigation (BBFS)

    • All removed possessions treated off-site in moving truck or container at BBFS fumigation facility
    • Overnight Fumigation with Vikane gas (Sulfuryl Fluoride)
    • All bed bug free possessions returned to location
  • Habitat Remediation/ Remodel (Building Management or Contractor)

    • Caulk and Seal all bed bug harborages with latex caulking or joint compound
    • Inspect, Repair and Replace baseboards/trim
    • Caulk and Seal all access points, including doors, windows, vents, etc.
    • Some Habitat Remediation modifications may require additional assistance from licensed General Contractor or Handyman
  • Replace BBFS “Certified bed bug FREE” possessions, furniture, etc.
  • K9 Inspection (Independent Contractor)
  • Bed Bug FREE Certification
    • BBFS provides Certificate of Fumigation and detailed Fume Log


  • BBFS/PCO/Property Owner/ManagercooperativelydevelopIBBMP, including:
    • Quarterly property inspections for bed bugs (Visual > Tech > K9)
    • Monthly/Quarterly residual pesticide application(s) – as needed
    • Action plan for incidental bed bug contact/exposure/appearance
    • Preventative education tools/techniques for all residents, visitors and/or guests.
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