Integrated Bed Bug Management Program

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Bed Bugs

BBFS understands that individual bed bug jobs are different from others and that Vikane Structural Fumigation Service may not be applicable in all situations. In these cases BBFS works closely with partner pest control companies to develop an IPM plan of elimination.

The IPM plan may involve some or all of the following:

  • Identification
  • Inspection
  • Off- site Vikane Fumigation Service
  • Post Fumigation Storage
  • Chemical Treatment(s)
  • Heat Treatment
  • Post-Process K9 Inspection
  • Bed Bug FREE Certification

IBBMP for Property Owners, Managers & RE Agents:

Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists offers property owners, managers and agents a 3 tiered methodology in eradicating bed bugs from a property.

      1. Source Elimination
      2. Current Population Eradication
      3. Tenant Education

Source Elimination can be achieved by requiring new tenants to fumigate their personal belongings prior to moving into a managed property with a conveniently located on-site FUME CUBE or by utilizing a local BBFS Fumigation location. This step will offer manager and existing tenants the peace of mind that a new tenant will not infest a unit and ultimately the entire building by bringing in infested personal property.

Current Population Eradication can be achieved by utilizing Onsite or Off-site fumigation processes. While fumigation of personal belongings is achieved, an independent Pest Control Operator (PCO) can treat the infested unit for residual bugs. Property Managers can implement this approach as a way to retain current residents while preserving a property’s financial strength.

BBFS’s Tenant Educational Initiative is based on the idea that enlightened tenants will be proactive in eliminating behavior that promotes the spread of pests such as bed bugs, clothes moths and powder post beetles. Tenants must be diligent in notifying property managers of potential infestations and encourage immediate inspection(s) to identify any areas of concern. The faster a response to a potential infestation the easier it is to curb the infestation’s spread.

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