Hotel & Lodging

Hotel & Lodging

Who is BBFS?

Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists (BBFS) is the industry leading Vikane Fumigation Treatment Service specializing in bed bugs, termites, clothes moths, powder post beetles and other pest infestations.

Our trained and licensed professionals have safely completed more than 50,000 fumigations in our history, including over 2500 successful bed bug eradications in New York City alone.

BBFS is a recipient of DOW AgroSciences Commitment to Excellence (CTE) award for safely administering Vikane for thousands of customers.

Hotel Benefits

Having an Integrated Bed Bug Management Plan (IBBMP) in place means the fastest possible return to revenue, preserves positive public relations and mitigates liability risk.

Merchandise, commercial assets, electronics, mattresses, furniture, etc. can all be completely restored and guaranteed bed bug free after fumigation using Vikane® gas fumigant.

General pest control best practices do not guarantee that property assets are completely restored.  Bed bugs can live deep inside furniture, inside electronic devices, in seems and cracks that are extremely difficult to reach with traditional chemical, cryonite, and topical steam application.

Pest controllers will often recommend that highly infested or difficult to treat property be discarded. With Vikane, throw nothing away!

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Facts about Vikane

Professional pest control firms and their customers have relied on Vikane® gas fumigant for nearly 50 years to solve the toughest pest problems — drywood termites, wood-destroying beetles, bed bugs and more.

Used by qualified professionals, Vikane® gas fumigant can eliminate 100% of bed bugs from a few pieces of furniture, bedding or other household goods, to an entire home or building with its contents in place.

Vikane has been used to successfully eradicate pests in more than 2 million structures, including: all types of residences, science and art museums, health care facilities, university research buildings, historic structures, schools and hotels.

Download a 1PG Summary of BBFS’s Hotel & Lodging Services

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