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Bugs without Beds!

Bed bugs, once nearly eradicated as a common pest, have rapidly become a problem across the United States and around the world. Bed bug infestations have been found in any structure used by people, and are now commonly reported in: motels, hotels, dormitories, apartments, shelters, schools, transport vehicles and homes. And once inside a structure, bed bugs can be very difficult to eradicate.

Eliminate the Pest & Repeat Treatments

Safely treat all public spaces, property or materials and limit exposure to dangerous residual pesticides.

Avoid the unnecessary loss/disposal of public property such as office furniture, library chairs, books, gym equipment, gym lockers, bus benches and children’s toys.

Who is BBFS?

Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists (BBFS) is the industry leading Fumigation Service company specializing in bed bugs, termites, clothes moths, powder post beetles and other pest infestations.

Our trained and licensed professionals have safely completed more than 50,000 fumigations in our history, including over 2500 successful bed bug eradications in New York City alone.

BBFS is a recipient of DOW AgroSciences Commitment to Excellence (CTE) award for safely administering Vikane for thousands of customers.

Fumigation Facts

Three facts about Vikane explain its special ability to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Vikane effective against all life stages of bed bugs, including the difficult-to-control eggs.
  2. There is no resistance of bed bugs to Vikane.
  3. Vikane gas fumigant penetrates into cracks and crevices, into furniture and any other hiding places — yes, even into sensitive electronics — to eliminate the pests.

Used by qualified professionals, Vikane® gas fumigant can eliminate 100% of bed bugs from a few pieces of furniture, bedding or other household goods, to an entire home or building with its contents in place.

Vikane has been used to successfully eradicate pests in more than 2 million structures, including: all types of residences, science and art museums, health care facilities, university research buildings, historic structures, schools and shelters.

Download a 1 page summary of BBFS and our services for City/County/State officials

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