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Become a BBFS Fumigation Network Partner today to increase your business, improve your treatment effectiveness & guarantee success against bed bugs!!!

Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists is teaming up with the following professionals to eradicate your bed bug problem and ensure you remain bed bug free:

  • Pest Control Operators (PCO’S) will assist us in the eradication process. Once the dwelling has been cleared of infested items the PCO can use the traditional treatment methods which include the use of steam and topical pesticides. PCO’s also assist in educating the customers – in order to prevent reinfestation.
  • Bed Bug Dogs and Handlers help us efficiently and effectively identify the bed bug infestation and help ensure that all areas of the infestation are identified.
  • Moving and Storage Companies will ensure that infested items are properly wrapped, handled and placed in the container/moving truck prior to being transported to an off-site location for fumigation.

By teaming up with these like minded professionals, Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists can offer customers the best service possible in such a difficult situation. BBFS Fumigation Network Partners enjoy competitive wholesale pricing to pass on to their current customers, as well as enjoy direct referrals from BBFS in your immediate services area! Only by working together, can we bring a end to the current resurgence of these little vampires and give our customers peace of mind and a sound night’s sleep!

If you or your company fit in the list provided above, and you are interested in learning about adding fumigation services to your company’s offerings, email BBFS at for more information.

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