7 Steps to Bed Bug FREE Environments

This is a TEAM effort!

7 steps to a Bed Bug FREE Environment

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It takes a TEAM to BEAT Bed Bugs, BBFS Can HELP!

Step 1 – Cleaning and Removal of Clutter

Step 2 – Use of K9 Detection Services to Identify and Pinpoint Location(s) of Active Bed Bug Infestations

Step 3 – Preparing for Fumigation Treatment of Infested Personal Items/Removal of Items

Step 4 – Pest Control Operator Provides Residual Treatment(s) within a Structure/Unit

Step 5 – Fumigation of Infested Belongings with Vikane (Sulfuryl Fluoride) by BBFS (Truck, Container, Cube or Structure)

Step 6 – Post Treatment/Fumigation K9 Inspection(s) – Truck/Container & Structure/Unit

Step 7 – Customer’s Fumigated Bed Bug FREE Belongings are Returned to a Bed Bug FREE Environment!

  1. Great Steps! Im going to give this a go, I hope it will get rid of my bed bugs!

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