Do you have bed bugs?

Determining if you have bed bugs through an inspection requires the help of a pest management professional. However, the following signs could mean you have bed bugs:

  • The most common indicator of bed bugs is red, welt-like bites that occur while sleeping; live bed bugs also may be found feeding on people or crawling on beds or other surfaces, usually late at night or in the early morning hours
  • Dark brown or rusty excrement (spots of dried blood) on mattresses, linens or near the bed
  • A peculiar musty, sweet odor may be present in heavily infested areas
  • Insects found in cracks and crevices in bedding, furniture, drapes, carpeting, or behind headboards and picture frames; while bed bugs prefer wood and fabric surfaces to metal and plastic, they can use electronics for harborage. They can infest small items, such as alarm clocks, TV remote controls and wallets.

Popular Locations

Search around beds, bed frames, bed clothes, headboards, nightstands, picture frames and other surrounding furniture. Also check baseboards, wood trim/moldings, carpeting/rugs, electronics and other possessions.

Bed Bugs are BAD for Hospitality

Although they dont spread disease, they do cause embarrassment/”stigma” associated with bed bugs and could greatly reduce your hotels reputation, bookings and repeat guests. BBFS will help develop a customized bed bug management plan to regularly inspect, treat and control your property’s pest control needs.

Bed Bugs THRIVE at University

With all the clutter, used furniture and questionable living conditions at your son’s/daughter’s college dorm (we’ve all seen it…), dorms are the PERFECT home for bed bugs! Let BBFS address your bed bug needs before they bring the little friends home from school. We can fumigate your child’s possessions in-transit before they bring anything back into your home (assuming you let them in at all…). BBFS also works directly with several major universities in Florida & New York currently to provide bed bug education to students, as well as provide treatments, fumigations and regular inspections.

Bed Bugs can OVERTAKE an Apartment complex

With so many common walls and high tenant turnover rates, you may never really know WHO brought bed bugs into the complex. Unfortunately, once in it doesn’t matter who did what, it will take a unified effort from all complex residents to get the bed bugs out. BBFS can help property managers to coordinate educational meetings, information packets and treatments.

If you see any of these signs or suspect bed bugs are present, contact your local pest management company to determine if you have a bed bug infestation and to discuss an appropriate treatment plan.


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